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With the cost of energy continuing to rise, heating and cooling bills for your building are a major expense. For businesses that keep their doors open to offer an open and inviting business for passing foot traffic (potential customers), these costs are even greater. Energy saving air barriers provide an opportunity for cost savings while enhancing the operational aspects of your business

Properly selecting an air barrier or barrier system that can create an efficient and effective seal is as important as the decision to install the technology. We are a UK based manufacturer that designs and builds our units to perform in the toughest climates, hot or cold

Whether you are in need of warehouse, retail, or commercial doors, Enershield is a partner you can count on. We don?t take any shortcuts when it comes to quality.There are varying air barrier concepts on the market claiming to be equal to the Enershield design criteria, but when comparing feature to feature they fall well short of the retail, commercial, and industrial air barriers that Enershield manufactures



Enershield Air Barriers create an effective seal on the doorway by re-circulating the facility air in a laminar (smooth) flow across an open doorway. The kinetic energy in the moving air generates a barrier, like a waterfall, that prevents leakage of air between two areas with different pressure and climate. The more laminar this air flow, the harder it is for outside air to penetrate the barrier




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