Blakeley’s Waste Management


Blakeley's Waste Management have made a multi pound investment in state of the art sorting equipment to modernise and improve the quality of the sorting process. The new infra-red Optical sorting process uses compressed air to  separate recyclable materials and needs air on demand instantly for the process to work  

This requires a large volume of air that their existing system could not meet and a complex pipework network to deliver the required air around the plant

After lengthy discussions with Blakeley's Waste Management and their chosen equipment provider we all agreed on the compressed air system requirements ie. Air volume, air pressure, air usage point and operating frequency air demand

Our solution was to provide a variable and fixed speed Almig Screw Compressors individually capable of running the plant based on a standard air requirements but with the capability of when the demand grew the variable speed compressor would ramp up and add the additional quantity of air required, this was supported with a large 5000Ltr receiver to store and act as a buffer for the air 

We decided on a rigid aluminium piping system from Legris Transair, that offer us the flexibility to easily add to the system, should the system require any future alteration